Water Walkers

Ever wanted to walk on water?

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Fancy making a splash at your party without getting wet? Experience the ‘dry magic’ of Water Walkers at your next private or corporate event and make it one they’ll never forget! Perfect for providing interactive entertainment at birthday parties, work functions, weddings and Christmas parties, this is one activity your guests will love to do. Need to grab some attention for your corporate tent or business? Water Walkers are sure to get you noticed!

No longer will you need to worry about cancelling your entertainment due to the weather, because with Water Walkers you and your guests will remain dry at all times. A fabulous activity for all year round use, you’ll find out exactly what it feels like to spin, roll, run and walk on top of the water without ever getting wet.

To start your Water Walkers fun, you simply enter a large uninflated transparent ball through a zip opening. We then inflate the ball with you inside, closing the zip and sealing you inside once it is fully inflated. Just start moving and your ball will effortlessly glide over the surface of the water in the pool in the direction you move.

Each ball contains enough air for at least 40 minutes, but we limit our sessions to 8-10 minutes per participant at a time for maximum enjoyment. With several balls on the go at one time in each inflatable pool, you can challenge your peers for a race or bump into them instead! Each pool has fully inflated sides ensuring that the balls remain safely in the pool at all times.

In order to set up and run our Water Walkers, we require access to a water hose or the necessary permits to use a fire hydrant to fill the pool. An ongoing electrical source or generator is also needed to inflate the sides of the pool and needed for the balls themselves throughout your event.

Safe for use for children from age 4 years and older, Water Walkers are also suitable for adults up to 90kg, making this the perfect water activity for all ages. Our staff will stay with this activity whilst in use, but as always with water, full adult supervision is required for children.


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