Foam Machine

Make Your Next Party a Foam Party!

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Hire a Foam Machine for your next party and raise the excitement level sky high! Our two foam machines provide great entertainment for birthday parties, 21st parties, kids birthday parties, wedding receptions and school balls. A foam party also makes a great promotional gig for bars, clubs and fun corporate events too.

Get Your Bar Pumping with a Foam Party!

Look beyond the usual avenues to advertise your bar or club to draw the punters in. Booking one or both of foam machines for your premises is a fabulous way to actively promote how great your business is. Together with a live DJ, you’ll set the mood for an action-packed dance party which is the envy of your competitors. Perfect for raising the profile of your bar as a one-off, or for hosting a series of foamy events, your doors will be heaving with patrons.

Bring Foam to Your Youth Events!

Foam is loved by all ages. From young children to teenagers and young adults, a foam party is one awesome experience. Perfect for using during galas, team building events and outdoor competitions. Whether you want to cover a small or large area with foam, we’ve got you covered, literally! We can help provide foam containment solutions too, helping to maximise all the foamy fun experience in one location.

Foam Party Madness

What happens at a foam party? Extreme fun, of course! The guests are already warmed up thanks to your awesome sounds and are full of adrenaline. Switching on the foam machine heats things up further and provides plenty of foamy entertainment. Slippery bodies swivel and glide around the dance floor covered in foam that effortlessly stays on dancing bodies.

Our foam machines can be set to swirl out foam continuously or intermittently over your guests. They produce enormous amounts of low hypoallergenic foam which lasts for ages, ensuring your foam party lasts for as long as you can.


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