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Event Photography with Event Hire

"Looking for a local event photographer?"

Whether you are celebrating a 21st birthday, a children’s Christmas party or a corporate function, once the event is over, well it’s over. You are left with shared memories and experiences, all of which fade over time.

That’s where hiring the professional services of our Timaru based event photographer Philip Anderson is a great idea!
Philip will meet with you before your event to discuss the types of images you want captured, as well as finding out the proposed schedule of your event. He will work with you to identify the important moments you want recorded, as well as those which would work better with spontaneous photography shots.

Event Photography You Can Rely On

Let Philip capture the moods, the emotions and the experiences of your guests at your next event, including:

South Canterbury Event Photography

Formal posed shots or candid snaps, whatever the style of photography you require, Philip is the man for you. He’ll mingle with your guests, identify the important moments and help you build up a treasured collection of images. Use his gathered library of photos from your event to create a memory book, promotional literature, website images or even framed portraits for your walls. He’ll provide you with a wide range of photos, certain to help you relive your event for years to come!

An avid party planner, Philip loves to identify the finer details. His camera lens captures the sparkle from the decorations hanging in your marquee to the beautiful grin of a child eating an ice cream, to the proud glance between parents as they see their daughter get her 21st key, to the delight on the faces of great-grandparents hugging their newly born great-grandkids. Whatever wonderful moments happen at your special event, Philip will ensure they are moments you can treasure forever.

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